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Posted By admin on 11/10/12 - Bookmark Pure Teen Sex Blog

Live Sex Chat - HollyMolly's12 Profile

Women are always complaining about not being able to make as much as men do in the workplace, but I have to say, I couldn’t shake my ass in an online web cam chat room and make money like it is coming out of my butt!

I do know someone who can though… Her name is HollyMolly and in these pictures you can get a sense of what is going on.

Live Sex Chat - HollyMolly's Pro1file

Holly performs at and they have this new idea on how to run web cam chats. It is called Gold Shows and no I am not talking about peeing on the models. Though the thought has crossed my mind.

Gold Shows are where you can pay dollars and see tens, if not hundreds, of dollars worth of a show. The girls perform for the entire room, but there is one little thing I should mention. You do have to pay something to see the Gold Show. I paid $2 to watch Holly!

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Somewhere out there is a girl asking her boyfriend if Dream Kelly realizes just how stupid she looks on that raft. And he is thinking, yeah, she feels really stupid. Stupid horny stupid!



Ladies, don’t be jealous. I am sure you can fry an egg better or bring out a stain better than Dream Kelly can, but lets face it. When it comes to looking good in a bikini she has you beat.



Summer is over, but it doesn’t have to be for you. Dream Kelly has plenty of bikini galleries and she gives you unlimited access to her friends like Hot Haley as well. Surround yourself with hot girls in tiny bikinis. This is going to be your hottest Winter ever!

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amateur_breasts hanging out_brunette_gf_girlfriend_knees up_masturbation_voyeur_yourgirlfriends_2

Most guys thing it is odd that girls masturbate almost as much as they do. They don’t understand why a girl would want to when she can fuck just about anybody she wants if she puts herself out there. What guys don’t know is that girls are shy and they get horny too. They don’t masturbate because they aren’t having sex. They do it because it feels good. Just like boys do.

Both boys and girls masturbate about the same things. Even though your girlfriend or wife might be jealous if they find out you are masturbating about somebody other then them, you can can be damn sure they are straying with their thoughts too!

So stop pretending and start enjoying yourself. Get in on the worlds largest swinging party. Couples are looking for guys and gals that want to help them spice up their lives. Are you cavalier enough to help those in need?

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Posted By admin on 09/18/12 - Bookmark Pure Teen Sex Blog

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but do me a huge favor will ya? Don’t tell Cindy Cupcakes that! I’d rather enjoy her pics and video of Cindy masturbating with a bottle then keep the bro code alive. Besides, does the bro code even apply to girls without a guy in the frame?

Cindy Cupcakes started her site with a great idea. She wanted to get up close and personal with her fans. Cindy does web cam shows where you can tell her what to do. She engages her members on the private message boards and through her journal where, as a member, you can read about her personal life and see her sexy behind the scenes pics.

Will she make your girlfriend jealous? Fuck yeah! No way your girlfriend has an ass this tight!

Time for a funny memory here. I once dated a girl that was sitting on a bottle like this when she suddenly felt like peeing. We had already stripped the sheets off of the water bed so I told her to pee in the bottle. I guess she didn’t pay attention in biology class because she thought she could pee into the bottle with it stuff up her pussy.

Her pee shot out of her urethra, hit the bottle and fired in a wide arc like a lawn sprinkler all over the bed in front of her. She was totally shocked and wondering why that happened. Especially when she had the bottle four inches up her pussy. Surely it should have made it inside!

I sat her down with a mirror and showed her how her pussy worked. Good times!

Cindy Cupcakes isn’t that naive, but then she does get naked on the Internet…. so enjoy this pure teen hottie!

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Were you looking for a cartoon porn video to watch? Hopefully you won’t be disappointed to watch this lovely blonde wife getting hardcored by her naughty husband right on the floor in the bathroom. She’s got such a nice shaved tasty pussy that you can figure out why her hubby couldn’t resist and started banging her right in the bathroom.

You can watch her hot high quality clip instantly by pushing the play button above. You don’t have to seek porn elsewhere… check out this clip and then if you want more browse the huge collection we host here at!!!

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When it comes to finding some sweet teenage inspiration nothing beats the beach. There you are surrounded by hundreds of teen girls wearing next to nothing. It is odd how girls shield themselves if caught wearing only a pair of panties and a bra, but put them in a bikini with less coverage and they walk around flaunting their bodies!

The Candid Place is by far one of the best sources for candid beach photos. The site is run by Candid Bob. He has been leading the way in teen candid photos and videos for almost a decade!

True fans of barely legal and nonnude photography will find the Candid Bob network to be to their satisfaction. Get all three sites for one low price and enjoy high resolution photos of teenage girls!

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Would you let a total skank like Lili Jensen ride your cock bareback with no condom on the first date? Of course you would! Who in the hell would not?

Lili Jensen opened her site years ago and she is still going strong. Her beauty is divine. She has perky boobies and a killer body. I love her tan. From head to toe this girl in golden brown!

It can be said that Lili is a bit of a tease. She wears the skimpiest clothing and most of the time she has a camel toe of some sort during her video and picture shoots. gives you access to her friends and their spunky web cams for free. Between Lili and Skye Model the blonde and brunette fantasy is more than I can handle!

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vid01 vid02
vid03 vid04

What do teen sex and shaved ice have in common? Well, a lot of things actually. In particular they have 18 years old girls in common. They like having sex, they like shaved ice, and at that age, they are willing to mix the two of them!

One of the first sites I ever joined was Once there I was hooked. The site gives you unlimited access to an entire network and all of the sites are completely out of this world. Since joining they have added over a dozen new sites.

This gallery reminded me of a girl I once dated. She wanted me to put shaved ice in my mouth and eat her out. I’d slowly move the ice over her exposed clit and push it into her tight pussy with my tongue. When it was my turn to get a shaved ice blowjob I didn’t see the allure. I’d rather have a warm mouth on my cock than have a cold one!

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She might look innocent, but every teen girl has a pussy cat inside them that craves giving a special someone the catch scratch fever!

It is no wonder that girls take a long time in the bathroom. They have lots of items in there to experiment sexually with. Most girls try rubbing on a bar of soap and find out that it irritates the hell out of their tender pussy skin. Some find that some bottles of shampoo can fit into their pussies, while others find them way too big for their tight slits to handle. Then there is the clitoral masturbation thing!

I’ve had many girlfriends tell me they have masturbated by running their bathtub faucet water over their clits. Some even say it is the best way to orgasm. Even better than sex! One girl in particular relayed to me that while she did this she was thinking of another girl licking her pussy that she was actively experimenting with. She stated that she still thinks about her fifteen years later!

Ever went to use your toothbrush and it smells funny? Was it one of those vibrating numbers? It smells odd because your girlfriend turned it on and used it on her clit! This method is quickly becoming the most often used method by girls who are just beginning to experiment with sex!

Other notables are brush handles, doubled up tampon insertions tubes, curling irons, dad’s (vibrating) electric razor, toothbrush cases, tampon cases, the list goes on and on!

Watch Ariel Rebel experiment and have teen sex. As a member you get access to her friends like Ariel Rebel and Kristina Fey. There are over 80 sites and each one of them is full fledged and self contained. These are not feeds or some other form of bullshit!

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Have you ever had your sister make you late because she wouldn’t get out of the bathroom? Did you ever wonder what takes girls so long in there? Well, it is the perfect place for privacy and your sister is trying to achieve an orgasm. The more you pound on that door, the longer you are just going to have to wait!

Catie Minx first started masturbating by humping pillows and stuffed animals. Her favorite was a huge pink bunny her uncle had won for her at the state fair. She had a major crush on her uncle so the bunny acted as a stand in for hundreds of orgasms over the years.

Back then Catie was very secretive about her masturbation techniques. These days Catie is sharing herself fully with her members on her web cam. Members of get unlimited access to her treasure trove of teen sex videos and teen masturbation videos.

And to think… her mom and dad thought she would grow up to be a brain surgeon. I guess you could say that she did because my mind is locked on that tight pussy of hers!

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Back when I was in high school the next door neighbor’s daughter used to tease me like mad. She drove me crazy showing me her panties and bending over in front of me all of the time. I tried getting her to make out, but she always played hard to get. Until one day…

Whenever she would lay out by the pool I would watch her from my upstairs bedroom window. Sometimes she would wave at me. Once she just about blew my heart out of my chest when she asked me if I was jacking off while I watched her. I was, but I couldn’t tell her that! She would tell my mom and all of my friends!

That mode of thinking changed when I was watching her with two of her friends. Little Summer looked up and saw me in the window.  She gestured for me to come over to her house. I didn’t know what to do. My dick was massively hard and so I had to wait until it went down before I could go over there. But once there, how was I supposed to keep it from getting hard with teenage girls walking around in bikinis?


When I arrived the girls were just getting into the pool. Summer turned around and groped her redheaded friend’s boobs. Then she acted like she was going to devour them! When my jaw hit the floor all of the girls giggled at me.

They started teasing me and telling me to get in with them. As I started walking towards the pool steps they began taking off their tops! My legs turned to jelly and I stopped walking towards them while my cock went fully hard. I guess it took all of the blood out of my legs!



The girls huddled into one another and told me I can’t see their boobs anymore unless I show them my cock. I had never shown a girl my hard cock before. Sure, I took baths with my sister when I was little, but this was different!

Summer took note of my delaying tactics and blurted out about how it was okay to show them my cock since they already know I masturbate! WTF? She didn’t know that for a fact! How could she throw me under the bus like that?

Just then Little Lexie (the blonde on the right) put her finger into her mouth and pretended to suck it like a cock. She swirled her tongue around her finger and stroked it in and out of her lips. I had dreamed of fucking all three of these girls for years, but I was having a hard time dealing with their in-your-face methods.

Fuck it! I pulled down my shorts, paused for a few seconds so they could see my naked cock and jumped in with them.


They split apart and wiggled their boobs around for me. Then Summer pushed me back onto the pool steps and shoved her boob into my mouth. As my tongue made contact with her nipple I felt someone else’s tongue make contact with the head of my cock.

It was Lexie and she worked my cock with the same ferociousness she had previously used on her finger. Summer straddled my head and lowered her pussy on my face. I started licking her and felt a new set of lips also working my cock.

I exploded my cum into Lexie and her redheaded friend’s mouths. I could feel Summer shuddering as an orgasm hit her and she let out a high pitched squeal.

Just then there was a knock at my bedroom door. It was my mom telling me Summer, from next door, wanted to know if I could go swimming. I blurted out that I needed to get into my swim trunks. In reality I needed to let my hardon go down.

It was time to see if I could make this dream a reality!

The Tiny Teen Pass can unlock all of your old thoughts and fantasies about teen girls and experimenting with sex. Girls like Little Summer and Little Lexie make this one password you should not pass up!

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