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Posted By admin on 09/18/12 - Bookmark Pure Teen Sex Blog

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but do me a huge favor will ya? Don’t tell Cindy Cupcakes that! I’d rather enjoy her pics and video of Cindy masturbating with a bottle then keep the bro code alive. Besides, does the bro code even apply to girls without a guy in the frame?

Cindy Cupcakes started her site with a great idea. She wanted to get up close and personal with her fans. Cindy does web cam shows where you can tell her what to do. She engages her members on the private message boards and through her journal where, as a member, you can read about her personal life and see her sexy behind the scenes pics.

Will she make your girlfriend jealous? Fuck yeah! No way your girlfriend has an ass this tight!

Time for a funny memory here. I once dated a girl that was sitting on a bottle like this when she suddenly felt like peeing. We had already stripped the sheets off of the water bed so I told her to pee in the bottle. I guess she didn’t pay attention in biology class because she thought she could pee into the bottle with it stuff up her pussy.

Her pee shot out of her urethra, hit the bottle and fired in a wide arc like a lawn sprinkler all over the bed in front of her. She was totally shocked and wondering why that happened. Especially when she had the bottle four inches up her pussy. Surely it should have made it inside!

I sat her down with a mirror and showed her how her pussy worked. Good times!

Cindy Cupcakes isn’t that naive, but then she does get naked on the Internet…. so enjoy this pure teen hottie!

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Posted By admin on 09/14/12 - Bookmark Pure Teen Sex Blog


Were you looking for a cartoon porn video to watch? Hopefully you won’t be disappointed to watch this lovely blonde wife getting hardcored by her naughty husband right on the floor in the bathroom. She’s got such a nice shaved tasty pussy that you can figure out why her hubby couldn’t resist and started banging her right in the bathroom.

You can watch her hot high quality clip instantly by pushing the play button above. You don’t have to seek porn elsewhere… check out this clip and then if you want more browse the huge collection we host here at!!!

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Posted By admin on 09/04/12 - Bookmark Pure Teen Sex Blog

When it comes to finding some sweet teenage inspiration nothing beats the beach. There you are surrounded by hundreds of teen girls wearing next to nothing. It is odd how girls shield themselves if caught wearing only a pair of panties and a bra, but put them in a bikini with less coverage and they walk around flaunting their bodies!

The Candid Place is by far one of the best sources for candid beach photos. The site is run by Candid Bob. He has been leading the way in teen candid photos and videos for almost a decade!

True fans of barely legal and nonnude photography will find the Candid Bob network to be to their satisfaction. Get all three sites for one low price and enjoy high resolution photos of teenage girls!

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